Joseph demonstrates footwork


How much you benefit from the Pilates Method depends on your commitment and the quality of instruction you receive combined with your commitment to work on your body.

At the Authentic Pilates Studio in Lilyfield Sydney, we believe in maintaining integrity of the original work developed by Joseph Pilates. Our practitioners / instructors are certified by the “N.Y. Pilates Method”, “Romana’s Pilates” and / or “Authentic Pilates Education Australia”.

To develop their teaching skills, all instructors continue to attend regular workshops as well as annual Continuing Education seminars to maintain their certification.

The Authentic Pilates Studio is also a Pilates Teacher Training Centre ( ) and as such we have apprentices available for discounted price sessions.

The APEA “apprentice instructors” have successfuly completed and passed their Basic / Intermediate exams which qualifies them to teach beginner and basic level clients in a studio setting.

  • Certified Instructor price – $90 per private session ($78 for groups bookings)
  • Apprentice Instructor price  - $50 per private session


Our current certified trainers at Authentic Pilates Studio are :  

Kristy Smith
Julieann Dwarte
Simona Cipriani
Paddy Coary
Olga Tamara
Nick Wearne
Kinga Byrska
Brett Howard
Jessica Tsui

Authentic Pilates Studio 02 9818 761
73 Justin Street
Lilyfield NSW
2040 Australia
73 Justin Street
Lilyfield NSW
2040 Australia